Bonzar® app allows you to select, purchase and send gifts to anyone, anywhere. All you need is an email address!

It’s fast, it’s secure, it’s mobile – Bonzar® is gift-giving without the hassle.

All you need is an email address!

Its Free, Quick and Easy to Use

Socialise with your online community through a gift

Celebrate Life!


Secure Payments

Be part of your Online Social Scene and Connect with a thoughtful Gift

Whether it be online dating, a social media contact, an online support group or perhaps someone you work with, inspire someone else through a random act of kindness by sending them an expression of your thoughts through a beautifully wrapped gift.

Make someone’s day – wherever they are!

Sell Your Products on Bonzar®

Why you’ll want to be part of Bonzar®

Bonzar® enables people to gift to each other with only knowing an email address.

1. Have a space to showcase and advertise your products on our mobile platform.

2. Increase brand awareness and spread your message over a number of social media channels.

3. No entry or exit costs.

4. Bonzar® could add capability and reach to your current online sales strategy. We enhance your sales reach through our app, which can potentially drive greater volumes for you through a new sales channel.

5. Reach an audience that you don’t traditionally have access to.

We’d love to hear from you and have a conversation about selling your products on Bonzar®. If you have an iPhone, please download the app from the iTunes store and take some time to get to know it well.

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Browse Bonzar’s® online store for the perfect gift.


Add the gift to your online shopping cart, along with a message and the lucky recipients email address.


We email a gift invitation to your recipient, and confirm their preferred delivery address.


We prompt you to pay for the gift with PayPal and your gift is on it’s way!

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Bonzar® is the only app that allows you to connect and inspire friends, family, lovers and any new person in your life, through beautiful gifts – even if their personal address is unknown to you. Bonzar® is about the ability to bring people together who otherwise wouldn’t have the access.

Bonzar® is more than just a gift giving app, it is an easy, secure and a non-invasive way to connect with those you care about without having to get their postal address. This heartfelt app saves time and builds relationships.

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